National Safety Stand-Down Week

Delaware County Workers’ Compensation lawyers represent injured workers.Workers across Pennsylvania will recognize National Safety Stand-Down Week from May 6 to 10. Initiated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), and other regulatory entities several years ago, the National Safety Stand-Down Week campaign offers an opportunity for businesses to revisit safety protocols and regulations in an attempt to reduce preventable on-the-job worker accidents, particularly falls.

Falls are the most prevalent type of workplace injury, especially among individuals working in construction, manufacturing, and related fields. Consequently, events across the nation that have been planned for the National Safety Stand-Down focus on the prevention of workers falling from skylights, scaffolding, ladders, equipment, machinery, and holes. These events include a special presentation in Philadelphia at the end of the week.

National Safety Stand-Down Event Coming to Philly

On May 9, National Safety Stand-Down Week event organizers are offering a gathering to talk about fall prevention. Experts from a wide range of government and private organizations will be on hand to offer suggestions and review preferred and recommended safety protocols. The event will also include opportunities for attendees to experience virtual reality (VR), a tool that showcases how emerging technologies can boost worker training initiatives and close training gaps.

VR enables viewers to experience situations under safe conditions, ensuring individuals can rehearse movements and decisions before performing them in real life. Although VR is not widely used by construction companies as part of their worker onboarding and continuing education practices, it has widespread possibilities. In addition to the Philadelphia National Safety Stand-Down get-together, other events are happening around the commonwealth during the week. This makes it reasonable for any worker or executive to attend at least one observance and receive a certification of attendance.

How Prevalent are Worker Falls?

If observances such as the National Safety Stand-Down can save lives and reduce the number of annual worker injuries, they will be worth the effort. According to statistics gathered and disseminated by NIOSH, falls account for around 38 percent of construction worker fatalities. Workers with Hispanic heritages and those who are over 45 years old are statistically at a higher risk of dying from a fall. Roof and ladder falls make up more than half of all fatal falls. The right safety equipment and procedures could make a huge impact in fatalities and injuries from on-the-job accidents.

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