Distracted Drivers Increase Crash Rates in Work Zones

Media car accident lawyers can assist if you have been injured in an accident.Distracted driving is becoming an increasingly large problem. Studies have shown that it is related in part to the fact that we are becoming more and more reliant on our cell phones for all sorts of things like directions, where to find our next meal, and even simply to converse with co-workers, friends, or family. Even more dangerous is the possibility that drivers may drive and read or send text messages at the same time.

However, cell phones cannot be blamed for every type of driver distraction. Drivers can also be distracted by the behavior of or a conversation with other passengers in the vehicle, eating, personal grooming, or even changing a radio station in the car.

Even though cell phones may not always be the culprit in a distracted driving situation, it is becoming more likely than not that a driver will become distracted by something while behind the wheel.

Distracted Driving Hazards

If a car is traveling at fifty-five miles per hour, it will cover the length of a football field in five seconds. Studies show that the average text message takes about five seconds to read. When looking at those two statistics together, the danger of taking your eyes away from the road for just five seconds becomes abundantly clear.

Studying Car Crashes in Work Zones

Some recent research out of the University of Missouri looked at data from car crashes in work zones along highways throughout the country.

Previous studies have relied on largely statistical data, which showed that narrower lanes are less safe than wider lanes, and that speeding in a work zone correlates with a higher degree of injury severity.

In this study, conducted between 2006 and 2015, the researchers worked to recreate the surrounding environment prior to the crash with a naturalistic study examining how the vehicle, driver, roadway, and environmental factors all played contributory roles in a crash. This was done using existing data combined with firsthand accounts.

Findings of the Study

In general, the study found that inattentive drivers were twenty-nine times more likely to cause a collision or a near-collision in a highway construction zone.

This statistic is very concerning, and should caution drivers to be extra aware of avoiding distractions while driving through highway work zones. If drivers are distracted in a work area, this appears to significantly increase the risk to the driver, highway construction workers, and other drivers around them exponentially.

This is likely due to the narrow lanes, coupled with unusual traffic patterns that may crop up very unexpectedly when a driver is distracted.

The National Safety Council (NSC) has designated April as National Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

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