Examining Several of the Most Expensive Divorces

Media divorce lawyers know their way through complex divorce cases.Many individuals considering divorce recoil at the cost of splitting up. The division of marital assets can be destructive to savings, real estate, businesses and other possessions. While division tries to be fair and equitable, many feel they are left with less than half of what they had.

If it is any consolation, consider the divorces of the very rich and famous.

Jeff And Mackenzie Bezos

It was recently announced that Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos and his wife Mackenzie are ending their marriage. Everything will change for them now, since the public appetite for stories of the hubris of the wealthy makes privacy hard to come by.

Both sides will remain ultra-rich, as it is estimated that $136 billion will be divided in half, since the state of Washington is a community property state. But the division, and the rest of their divorce process, will happen with the whole world watching.

Rupert and Anna Murdoch

The Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch split from his wife Anna Murdoch in 1999, after 32 years together. Anna’s share post-divorce included $110 million in cash.

In the years since, Rupert married and divorced Wendi Deng, nearly 40 years younger than himself, and then married onetime Mick Jagger spouse Jerry Hall.

Mel and Robyn Gibson

Only a handful of movie stars accumulate the kind of wealth this couple did. While the eventual settlement was not in the billions, it is thought to be about $425 million, drawing on his earnings from Braveheart and other films.

In addition, Robyn is said to have laid claim to half of Mel’s future movie income. Theirs remains the biggest divorce in Hollywood history.

Steven and Elaine Wynn

Steve Wynn is known for remaking the Las Vegas strip in the 1990s, building many of its most storied casinos. Until recently he was chairman of Wynn Resorts. More recently, he has been in the news facing allegations by dozens of people of sexual misconduct.

When the Wynns divorced in 2005, Elaine was awarded $741 million in Wynn Resorts stock. This was actually their second divorce from one another.

Divorce Can be Challenging no Matter Who You Are

No matter the numbers involved in the division and distribution of assets, it is a good idea to have a skilled Media divorce lawyer to help you keep matters as fair and equitable as possible.

You are not alone in grieving the division of the assets you spent a lifetime accumulating. This is the way divorce is done in the U.S. It is also a reminder that life goes on post-divorce, whether for the rich and famous or for you.

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