Southern OSHA Offices Focusing on Trenching Accidents

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, strives to address workplace safety issues throughout Pennsylvania and across the United States. However, trenching and excavations are two areas in which safety remains an issue. That’s why OSHA is redoubling efforts to increase awareness and education related to these hazards.

To address these issues, OSHA offices in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi are making concerted efforts to educate workers and employers in these fields. This effort involves OSHA compliance experts reaching out with guidance on how to safely excavate. These safety tips include information on preventing collapses through sloping and shoring up trench walls among other things.

One reason for the renewed effort is because many excavation-related accidents are preventable. It is OSHA’s hope that with additional training on best practices, injuries through trenching and excavation accidents will fall drastically.

This effort is one component of OSHA’s 2018 National Emphasis Program on Trenching and Excavation. The program offers resources through compliance experts to keep workers safe. In addition to educational offerings, the NEP also provides safety posters, hard hat stickers, and an in-depth trenching and excavation website.

Despite OSHA’s best efforts, workplace injuries still happen. A Worker’s Compensation attorney may be able to help a worker injured at a job site by pursuing a claim through the Worker’s Compensation system. If an injured worker has a valid claim, they may be entitled to compensation. This compensation might include repayment for medical bills, lost wages, and even pain and suffering. While monetary compensation can’t give an injured worker back what they’ve lost in the accident, it may help the worker and his or her family move forward with their lives.

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