January is Divorce Month

West Chester divorce lawyers discuss January being the highest month for divorce filings. The new year is underway and so is divorce season in America. Statistics from court filings, as well as search engine keywords, show that January is one of the highest months for divorce filings in the United States. An estimated 40 percent of U.S. marriages end in divorce, but what are some of the reasons there is a spike in divorce filings at the start of a new year?

Therapists and divorce lawyers see common reasons that so many people end marriages at this time of year. For one, as most of us are aware, the holiday season can be a significantly stressful time of the year. Holidays can bring emotional family upheaval and anxiety in even the best of situations and the pressure of gift-giving often adds financial woes for those who are economically burdened.

The Holidays

For partners who are undergoing marital conflict during December, getting through the holidays may have resonance. It is a time where, for many traditions, the emphasis is on family and togetherness and families often feel an obligation to get through and simply avoid creating additional conflict. A divorcing parent of children may wish to keep the holidays as one final time the family is intact. The holiday season also marks a time when domestic violence and conflict can be exacerbated and lead to a January divorce filing.

The New Year

Another common cause is New Year’s itself. The New Year in American culture emphasizes a new start and new resolutions, whether it is losing weight, joining a gym, starting a new job, or quitting smoking. We can add divorce to this resolutions list, since starting the new year with a major life decision can be a welcomed step.

For those who are undergoing conflict in the marriage, the divorce may not be a new decision, but a planned event and the month of January may be a practical one financially. For couples, it means a new tax year and can be a realistic decision to avoid another full year filing taxes jointly and sharing marital assets.

Sometimes the January divorce discussion begins with the first legal consultation to learn about options. Many times, clients return in February or March to finalize the decision and the numbers show those months are also a time for a high rate of divorce filings. Even for amicable divorces, the family stress and life change can bring uncertainty and can be best guided with an experienced divorce and family law attorney.

A divorce brings with it a resolution to a marriage that is failing but divorce itself is also a significant life stressor. For many divorcing couples, resolving issues of property, child support, custody and visitation, and new living arrangements are not a simple process. Other issues can involve joint debt and assets, and in cases of domestic violence, enforcement, and visitation orders.

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