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Holiday Stress for Retail Employees Heightens Risk of Injury

People employed in the retail sector in Pennsylvania know that the holiday shopping season will bring longer hours and heavier workloads. Although some workers welcome the opportunity to earn more money, the increased demands of stocking, packing, selling and delivering merchandise raise stress levels among workers. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health warns that the health and well-being of workers could suffer under these circumstances and distract them from safety practices. As a result, workers become more prone to slips, falls and back injuries when their hours and duties expand.

The institute advises retail employers to recognize the added stress of holiday workloads. Employees need their employers to promote safety and give them the tools to reduce workplace hazards. When expecting large crowds, store managers should arrange for appropriate security personnel. Professional security could manage crowds with rope lines or other barricades and respond quickly to emergency situations.

A news release from the acting assistant secretary of Labor and Occupational Safety and Health reminded employers of their responsibility to safeguard all workers during the busy end-of-year season. Seasonal employees hired for temporary positions have the same legal right to a safe workplace as all employees.

A person who works at an organization that does not follow safety regulations may wish to talk to an attorney, especially if an accident has occurred. An employer with a hostile attitude toward workplace safety might attempt to withhold workers’ compensation benefits from an injured worker or retaliate against a person who files a complaint about unsafe work conditions. An attorney may recommend how to address safety issues and communicate a claim to an insurance company. Some cases might prompt an attorney to file a lawsuit to pursue the medical care and lost pay that a person needs to recover from an accident.

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