Staying Safe and Warm During Winter Construction Work

Winter weather can make it harder to work safely on a Pennsylvania construction site. This is because surfaces that are coated in snow and ice can be too slick to walk or climb on safely. Ideally, scaffolding, ladders or other tools that a worker will climb on will be built from materials designed to withstand cold temperatures. Any surface that can’t be properly treated should be made off-limits until the weather improves.

When treating icy or snowy surfaces, it is important to use an approved de-icing product. Those that are salt-based may be prohibited because of their potential impact on ground water. If snow or ice will be removed by employees, employers should be sure that they can handle the physical demands of doing so.

Those who have diabetes or who are obese should not be asked to perform such a task. Workers who wear personal protective equipment should be given only what they need to stay safe in given conditions. Wearing too much equipment could lead to problems like goggles fogging up or not being able to move well on the ground. It could also result in a lack of hearing or vision while working.

An injured worker may be entitled to financial benefits that could help pay medical bills and other expenses. Under state Workers’ Compensation programs, injured employees are generally entitled to a portion of their income while they are out of work. However, some employers and their insurers will sometimes deny a valid claim, and thus it might be advisable for workplace injury victims to have legal representation throughout the process.

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