Avoiding Injury While Working During Winter

When snow or ice covers the ground in Pennsylvania, it can make work perilous. For instance, those who are in work vehicles are at a greater risk of skidding or losing control in poor road conditions. Workers should receive training about how to handle being stuck in a vehicle with no way to get out. Ideally, they will learn how to stay warm without getting sick from carbon monoxide poisoning.

It is not uncommon for snow blowers or other equipment to become clogged with snow. If this happens, workers should know how to safely clean out the tools that they are using to complete a task. This can prevent broken bones, lacerations or other injuries to hands or limbs. Instead of getting on a roof to clear it of snow, workers should clear them while on a ladder. It may also be a good idea to treat a roof so that it won’t get covered in as much snow or ice.

Regardless of the task, it should only be done by someone trained to perform it. Those who are working outdoors in cold weather or in areas covered by snow and ice should be provided with personal protective equipment. Furthermore, they should be provided with power tools designed to be used outdoors in cold or wet conditions.

A work accident of any kind can have a significant impact on a victim. In most cases, workers’ compensation benefits can cover medical bills and provide a portion of wages that are lost during the recovery period. An attorney who has experience with these types of matters can often provide more information about the process.

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