Historical Data can Help Prevent Workplace Injuries

Many workplace injuries in Pennsylvania could potentially be prevented with better employer understanding and responses to previous incidents. The principle that most workplace accidents are actually predictable and preventable underlies the approach of OSHA. This agency refers to workplace injuries as “incidents” rather than “accidents,” because an accident is something unexpected that could not be… Read More

Groups Petition OSHA for a Heat Protection Standard

Workers across the state of Pennsylvania often must work in adverse weather conditions, including high outdoor temperatures. Over 130 organizations have joined a collaborative effort to request that OSHA establish a heat protection standard. The petitioners are requesting multiple protections for workers, including frequent rest breaks, availability of shade, access to water, medical monitoring and… Read More

Come Rain or Sun, Landscapers Will be at Risk

A significant percentage of the Pennsylvania workforce spend most of their time outdoors. If you work in the landscaping industry, you will face some of the same hazards as those that outdoor workers in sectors like construction face. If your employer does not have a proactive safety approach, you might have to come up with… Read More

5 Leading Causes of Construction Worker Deaths

Pennsylvania construction workers should know the most common hazards in their industry. Though construction workers make up 6 percent of the population, construction fatalities actually account for over 20 percent of all private sector employee deaths. Falls are the first of five leading causes of death in the construction industry. Falls can be avoided if… Read More

Construction Workers Face Serious Threats on the Job

Construction workers in Pennsylvania can be at risk of serious injuries or even death each day on the job. Unfortunately, this fact was underlined by an Aug. 29 incident in which two construction workers lost their lives. The two men were part of the team building the JW Marriott Orlando Bonnet Creek Resort, a prominent… Read More