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How Employers can Reduce Injury Risks From Heavy Machinery

In the Pennsylvania manufacturing industry, heavy machinery can help complete labor-intensive tasks quickly and correctly. However, when the machines are not used correctly, employees can be put at serious risk for injuries. As such, employers should take certain measures to ensure that employees are safe.

One way that employers can do so is to ensure that proper machine guarding has been put into place. Machine guarding can protect employees from machinery injuries that may be caused by rotating parts and sparks. Employees should also be trained to focus or allow others to focus when heavy, dangerous machinery is in use. This may mean training employees to avoid causing distractions for others and to be on guard when working around potentially dangerous machinery.

When employees are operating or working around equipment, they should always be wearing the proper protective clothing and safety equipment. These safety items may include goggles to protect employees’ eyes, heat-resistant materials and fall protection depending on what equipment employees may be working with or around. Finally, employees should never be allowed to use equipment that they are not properly trained for.

An employee who is injured when working with heavy machinery will generally be entitled to worker’s compensation benefits, regardless of whose fault it was. In some cases, however, as in when an employer blatantly disregards all applicable workplace safety requirements or if the injury was due to a defective part or other issue with the machine in question, a personal injury lawsuit might be able to be filed. Victims who are in this type of a position might want to discuss their situation with an attorney.

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