Amazon Investigated for Improper Treatment of Workers

Amazon has been facing increased scrutiny over alleged workplace safety issues. For example, a former employee at an Amazon warehouse in Pennsylvania was reportedly fired five weeks after being hurt on the job. She was refused the paperwork for a workers’ compensation claim and had her short-term disability benefits cut short. This is just one… Read More

OSHA Addresses Noise, Respiratory Hazards Faced by Temp Workers

As part of its Temporary Worker Initiative, OSHA has released two bulletins on noise exposure and respiratory hazards faced by temp workers. Staffing agencies and host employers in Pennsylvania and across the U.S. will want to take note of these bulletins, as they enforce existing regulations found in OSHA’s Respiratory Protection Standard and Occupational Noise… Read More

Never Underestimate the Dangers Posed by Forklifts

Forklifts have become essential tools in various industries. However, many employers and employees do not give lift trucks the respect they deserve. Thousands of forklift accidents cause injuries and fatalities every year because employers and employees underestimate the dangers they pose. Regardless of whether you work on a construction site, in a warehouse, fulfillment center… Read More

Safe Chemical Handling With 11 Basic Rules

Whether in Pennsylvania or another state, facilities with hazardous chemicals have the same priorities, so chemical handlers and employers alike will want to consider and incorporate the following 11 safety rules. They are basic and given in no particular order. Assuming that employers provide adequate training, employees must follow all established practices. Before working, they… Read More

How Employers can Reduce Injury Risks From Heavy Machinery

In the Pennsylvania manufacturing industry, heavy machinery can help complete labor-intensive tasks quickly and correctly. However, when the machines are not used correctly, employees can be put at serious risk for injuries. As such, employers should take certain measures to ensure that employees are safe. One way that employers can do so is to ensure… Read More