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Tips For Improving Workplace Safety

To improve workers’ safety in Pennsylvania, business owners can consider the following five tips. Following them can cut down on injuries and prevent any decline in productivity. Owners will also save on medical expenses and workers’ compensation costs.

The first tip is for employers, supervisors and managers to be proactive in creating a safety culture. Strong leadership is essential. The second tip is for them to gauge their employees’ knowledge of federal and corporate safety guidelines through an anonymous survey. This survey could also determine how employees see their own responsibilities and whether their expectations are being met for a safe work environment.

Thirdly, employees should be engaged in a pre-shift huddle, where they can speak up about safety hazards and near-injury misses without fear of punishment. Employers can show their respect for each employee’s perspective by conducting informal one-on-one discussions; these will also get those to open up who cannot when in a large group. Lastly, they can provide ongoing training on how to identify and eliminate risks.

A drop in the number of injuries will give a boost to employee morale and keep turnover rates low. A consistent safety culture will also strengthen employer branding and create a positive image for the company, so both sides can benefit when these tips are taken seriously.

Not all accidents occur because of an employer’s neglect for workplace safety. Sometimes the victim or a co-worker is to blame. In such cases, victims may still qualify for compensation through the workers’ comp program if their employer carries workers’ comp insurance. All they have to do is show that their injuries were incurred on the job, but it would still be best to consult a lawyer before moving forward. The lawyer could assist with the preparation and timely submission of the claim.


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