Silica Rule Only Partially in Place on Construction Sites

For construction workers in Pennsylvania, workplace safety is often a major concern. The industry is a common -ource of accidents and injuries on the job. Aside from the traditional dangers posed by falls and heavy equipment, exposure to deadly and toxic materials of different kinds can also be a significant concern. One material that is… Read More

Startup Develops Tech for Improving Workplace Safety

Worldwide, workplace accidents lead to more than 500 injuries every minute. In the U.S., these accidents burden employers and insurance companies with billions of dollars in annual workers’ compensation claims. Both employers and employees in Pennsylvania may be wondering what can be done to reduce the hazards that lurk in their workplace. A startup based… Read More

They Say Beauty Comes at a Price. Could it be Your Health?

Perhaps from a young age you knew that you wanted to work as a nail technician. You thought you would enjoy the creativity, the socializing and felt as though you had a knack for it. It turns out you were right. You obtained your license and went to work. Everything went well until you became ill…. Read More

Fall Hazards Dubbed One of “Fatal Four” by OSHA

Construction site owners in Pennsylvania probably know how dangerous is the industry they work in. Of the 4,693 worker fatalities that occurred in 2016, 991 were in construction. OSHA has determined four major safety hazards accounting for nearly two-thirds of all construction fatalities and dubbed them the “Fatal Four.” They are falls, electrocutions, being struck… Read More

Tips For Improving Workplace Safety

To improve workers’ safety in Pennsylvania, business owners can consider the following five tips. Following them can cut down on injuries and prevent any decline in productivity. Owners will also save on medical expenses and workers’ compensation costs. The first tip is for employers, supervisors and managers to be proactive in creating a safety culture…. Read More

Some Workers Face Increased Risk of Death on the Job

For many workers in Pennsylvania, going to work can also mean putting one’s life on the line, especially for people involved in particularly hazardous professions. In 2016, 5,190 American workers wee killed at work, marking an increase from the prior year, when 4,836 people lost their lives on the job. This means that every day,… Read More