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Workplaces and Blind Spots

Workers in Pennsylvania who are employed at large warehouses or loading docks that have blind spots and heavy machinery that is frequently used to move items may be at risk for collisions, which can result in grave injuries that can sometimes be fatal. Near misses also pose a danger, such as when a worker is holding a potentially dangerous item and the effort to avoid the collision results in the worker falling or dropping it.

Many of these workplaces have safety protocols in place but such measures are not completely infallible. For example, heavy equipment like forklifts that are used to move large items automatically emit warning sounds when they are moving in reverse. The sounds can be difficult to hear due to the noises in or surrounding a busy work area like a large warehouse. Also, workers can become so used to hearing the warning sounds in the workplace that they are no longer mindful of them.

Industrial-grade safety mirrors and domes are considered to be the ideal tools to use to prevent collisions. They are cost-effective, resistant to breaking and the effects of weather and can be tailored to address the specific needs of the workplace. Choosing the right kind of convex mirror requires careful consideration. Multiple factors, such as the flow of traffic, the types of vehicles used in the work area and the layout of the intersections in the facility, determine which mirrors can best help with workplace safety.

Despite all safety measures, on-the-job accidents will continue to occur. People who have been injured in one may want to meet with a workers’ compensation attorney to see what benefits might be available to them.

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