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Protective Equipment Can Save Lives in Arc Flash Incidents

Personal protective equipment can be particularly important for electricians in Pennsylvania and others working on electrically risky job sites. This gear can help cut the severity and frequency of injuries and even help to save lives. Energized electrical feeds, boxes and lines pose a particular threat. While de-energizing is an important best practice in a pinch, an arc flash suit and other personal protective equipment (PPE) can save an electrical worker’s skin, eyesight or life.

Every year, arc flash-related workplace injuries put 2,000 people in the hospital and cause 400 deaths. These are mostly related to extensive burns and the ensuing infections. For workers who deal with electricity on the job, arc flash is a major safety concern. This is one reason why de-energizing units is so critical to electrical work alongside the use of proper PPE.

Protective technology against the phenomenon has improved greatly from 2014 to 2017; the protection level itself has escalated while the gear is more comfortable, flexible and stylish. Specific clothing designed to guard against arc flash can make a significant difference in outcomes in even a severe arc flash incident. When selecting protective gear for electrical work, there are several factors to keep in mind in order to maximize its effectiveness.

Flame resistance that is durable and long lasting for at least 25 industrial wash cycles is critical for personal protective equipment. This kind of flame resistant clothing should also be rated specifically for arc flash in order to ensure it provides the proper protection. Proper insulation that matches the electrical energy amount produced on the job can protect workers from second-degree burns.

Worksites can be dangerous places for people who deal with powerful natural forces like electricity. A workers’ compensation lawyer can review the situation of an injured worker and provide advice and representation when seeking compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other damages.

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