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Protecting Workers From Falls

Workers in Pennsylvania might experience hazards due to fall risks. A comprehensive approach to three-dimensional dangers is needed to protect workers against falling from heights or ground level falls. The leading causes of work-related fatalities and serious injuries are falls from heights and the same level.

Employees are particularly susceptible to falls from heights at production facilities, construction sites, warehouses and distribution centers. Elevated or lowered work areas like mezzanines and pits present potential accident scenarios along with falls from machinery or improperly protect dock openings.

Facility managers can start improving safety by looking at OSHA’s fall protection standards. These standards have been updated and added to in order to provide more ways to prevent fall injuries due to slip, trip and fall hazards. Many workers may be at risk for slips and falls as anyone who is on their feet frequently or exposed to slippery surfaces could fall.

OSHA’s updated rules detail protections for hazards where one level is at least 4 feet above another floor. Precautions involve erecting a barrier for exposed sides or edges like a guardrail or creating a safety net system to catch workers. Body harnesses or other protective gear could also be used as part of a personal fall arrest system. These protections could save 29 lives and prevent almost 6,000 lost days of work on an annual basis around the country.

The provided information only details a few ways OSHA tries to protect workers from on the job accidents. While the advice of safety advocates is valuable, their counsel is not effective if workplaces do not heed warnings. In the interest of productivity, some safety precautions may be overlooked. This could make an accident more serious, which is why it is especially important for employees to consider their options after workplace injuries occur.

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