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Preventing Fall Accidents in Warehouses

All Pennsylvania workers deserve a workplace that is safe. This includes being provided with the proper equipment and training to do their jobs safely. To help encourage safer work environments, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration releases incident reports so that employers can improve procedures at their own workplaces.

For example, a 33-year-old male worker was killed after he fell from a wooden pallet that was being lifted up by a forklift. The worker was attempting to reach inventory that was being stored on high shelves that were about 8 feet from the ground. The incident report noted that it was common practice for workers to use elevated pallets to reach this inventory. However, the equipment being used was not designed for this purpose. The worker slipped and fell. He was taken to a hospital where he died several days later.

To prevent these types of fall accidents, employers should implement safe procedures for accessing inventory from high shelves. Furthermore, they should ensure that workers have equipment that is specifically designed for this type of work. Employers should also ensure that workers are properly trained to operate forklifts and other similar equipment.

When employees suffer workplace injuries, they may be entitled to workers’ compensation to cover the costs of medical care and any other damages they may have sustained. If employees cannot work after becoming injured, for example, they may also be entitled to a portion of their wages to help them pay their bills. In the event that an employee’s workers’ compensation claim is denied, an attorney could assist with filing an appeal or litigating. If the employer violated safety regulations, a lawyer may even help the worker file a lawsuit against the employer.

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