The Symptoms and Prevention of Computer Vision Syndrome

Pennsylvania office workers may be interested to learn that the average American worker spends seven hours in front of a computer screen. Prolonged exposure to digital devices, like computers and even smartphones, can cause computer vision syndrome. This syndrome, which is also often referred to as digital eyestrain, can result in a number of vision-related… Read More

Reports Calls for More Consistency in Safety Reporting

The companies that some Pennsylvania employees work for may not have standards for safety and health reporting that are consistent with other companies. An international organization called the Center for Safety and Health Sustainability released a report on Aug. 1 that was a follow-up to a 2013 report. Both reports looked at companies in the… Read More

Landscapers: Do You Know the Poisoning Risks of Your Job?

If you are an employee of a landscaper in Pennsylvania, you might be aware of the dangers posed by the equipment you use. But, do you know that you are also at a high risk of being poisoned? Does your employer provide safety training and personal protective equipment to keep you safe? These are Occupational… Read More

Water Pipe Repair Method Could be Dangerous to Workers

There are growing concerns in Pennsylvania and across the United States that a popular procedure that has been used to repair broken water pipes could be harmful to workers. The method can release chemicals into the air and could also pose a risk to the public and the environment, researchers report. The method is known… Read More

Confined Spaces in Construction and Workplace Safety

For Pennsylvania workers who do residential construction in confined spaces, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued a fact sheet for employers to assist in worker safety. The fact sheet deals with OSHA’s Confined Spaces in Construction standard and how employers can meet that benchmark. Confined spaces are defined as those that allow a… Read More

Trenching Accidents, Safety Violations and Justice

By nature, trenching is dangerous work, and a number of criminal prosecutions have confirmed that employees who are involved in this high-risk operation must be protected from serious injury and death. Construction workers on Pennsylvania job sites may want to know about two of these high-profile criminal cases. They may also want to consider possible… Read More