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What Happens if You Fall While Climbing the Ladder to Success?

If you’ve been working at the same Pennsylvania company for a decade or more, you’re to be congratulated as many people nowadays frequently change jobs in search of better pay, more benefits or the proverbial golden rings of success. Nothing can abruptly interrupt your path to success quicker than an on-the-job injury. One of the most common types of workplace injuries involves slipping and falling, or falling from ladders, rooftops or other high places.

Hopefully, if your job duties require you to stand atop portable equipment, your employer has already made known the dangers to you and provided appropriate equipment and training to keep you as safe as possible.

Let’s talk about ladders for a moment

Climbing a ladder automatically places you at risk for injury. After all, your taking both feet off the ground, moving vertically (higher and higher) and standing on something that may suddenly become unstable. If you regularly practice the following safety measures when climbing ladders at work, you may be able to avoid accidents:

  • Give it a once-over, every time: Even if you’ve used the same ladder before, it’s always safest to carefully inspect the equipment before each use. Look for cracks, loose footholds, screws or other potentially dangerous parts in need of repair, and report any findings to the appropriate official.
  • Set it on solid ground: In addition to checking the ladder itself, it’s also crucial to carefully inspect the grounds where you plan to set up the ladder. Clearing away any sticks, stones or other debris that may cause unstable grounding may prevent you from suffering an injury on the job.
  • Dry climbing is best: Are you shoes or boots wet or muddy? If so, then the top of a ladder is the last place you’ll want to be! For those concerned about safety, checking your feet to make sure they are dry before climbing is a key factor.
  • Make three-point contact: Ladder safety includes keeping two hands and at least one foot squarely on the ladder rungs at all times.

You likely already know other safety musts regarding use of ladders in the workplace, such as never climbing up ladders while carrying other tools or items in your hands and never walking underneath a ladder that is propped or in use.

Let’s talk about what to do if you suffer an injury

If you fall from a ladder and suffer injury, it may be quite some time before you can return to work, if at all, depending on the severity of your injury. There’s a set process at every workplace for reporting on-the-job injuries, but many people also enlist the help of outside parties to help them overcome any obstacles that arise. A Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney may be just the person you need on your side.


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