How to Make Pennsylvania Manufacturing Work Safer

According to the Department of Labor, nearly four out of every 100 manufacturing workers around the country get sick or injured on the job. Taking the workplace as a whole, the manufacturing sector also accounts for 57 percent of all amputations and 26 percent of all hospitalizations that occur in a given year. However, there… Read More

What Happens if You Fall While Climbing the Ladder to Success?

If you’ve been working at the same Pennsylvania company for a decade or more, you’re to be congratulated as many people nowadays frequently change jobs in search of better pay, more benefits or the proverbial golden rings of success. Nothing can abruptly interrupt your path to success quicker than an on-the-job injury. One of the… Read More

Construction Industry Investing in Updated Hard Hat Designs

Those who work in the construction industry in Pennsylvania may be interested to learn that some firms are working on developing new designs for safety hats that could provide workers better protection against potentially fatal falls and other accidents. Some firms are looking towards head protection devices utilized by those in mountaineering and other extreme… Read More

Short Roof Jobs may not Need Fall Protection Gear

When roofers and maintenance workers in Pennsylvania perform their duties, they and their employers generally need to adhere to safety rules issued the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Updated regulations for walking-working surfaces require people working less than 6 feet from the edge of a roof to set up a guardrail or wear fall arrest… Read More

Protecting Younger Pennsylvania Workers From Injuries

There are approximately 19 million workers under the age of 24, and they make up about 13 percent of the labor force around the country according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. While younger workers are generally agile and may be able to recover from workplace injuries more quickly than their older… Read More