How Medical Marijuana can Have an Impact on the Workplace

Pennsylvania workers may be aware that the use of marijuana for medical reasons is becoming more prevalent throughout the nation as more states are legalizing it. While medical marijuana often has benefits for many users, there are workplace safety concerns around the drug. Although there have been no reported cases of a fatal overdose caused… Read More

Tips for Preventing Bulldozer-Related Injuries

Failing to operate a bulldozer safely could get a worker in Pennsylvania hurt or possibly killed. It is important that the individual who is operating this powerful machine is qualified to do so. It is also critical that the driver is the only person in the bulldozer while it is in use. While it is… Read More

Heat App Takes on Workplace Injuries

An app that works on both iOS and Android devices has been released to protect outdoor workers in Pennsylvania and around the country from heat injury. Hailed as an important tool for worker safety, the app uses weather data to set both current and projected risk levels. This information can be used by workers and… Read More

You Don’t Have to Fight for Denied Workers’ Comp Benefits Alone

As a member of the workforce in Pennsylvania, you likely had peace of mind about the welfare of your family if you should suffer a workplace injury. After all, your workers’ compensation benefits will pay medical expenses and provide financial assistance if you become temporarily disabled. However, were you disillusioned when your company’s insurance provider… Read More

Dealing With Skin Disorders at the Pennsylvania Workplace

With more than 13 million employees around the country who are potentially exposed to skin-damaging chemicals in the workplace, skin diseases and disorders pose serious health threats. In fact, skin disorders among members of the military was found to be a top prevalent work-related condition requiring treatment, and skin diseases rate as the second most… Read More