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Scissor Lift Safety

The improper use of scissor lifts has the potential to result in workplace accidents that can cause catastrophic injuries or death. Pennsylvania workers who may have to use scissor lifts as part of their job should be aware of the ways to remain safe while operating the equipment.

Scissor lifts should be used only by workers who have been properly trained. Employers should require that the workers demonstrate that they are able to use the machine properly. In order for scissor lifts to be used safely, it is necessary to properly maintain the equipment, follow the usage instructions provided by the manufacturer, implement safe work practices and ensure that workers have sufficient training and the required personal protective equipment.

To choose the right equipment for a work task, employers should evaluate their work sites and identify any potential hazards. They should also enforce effective policies for fall protection, positioning and stabilization in the workplaces in which scissor lifts are used.

Safeguarding against falls should include verifying that a guardrail system is in place before the lift is used. Workers should also restricting standing to the work platform only and not on the guardrail. For stabilization, the lifts should be isolated and nearby traffic controlled to make sure other equipment cannot come in contact with the scissor lift. They should only be used on firm and level surfaces that are well away from slopes, bumps, holes or any other ground obstruction that can cause instability.

Employers are responsible for ensuring workplace safety. Employees who sustain workplace injuries due to conditions in violation of federal safety regulations may have legal remedies. An attorney could assist with filing worker’s compensation claims or alternatively lawsuits seeking financial compensation from the employer if it can be determined that the employer’s failure to comply was reckless.


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