The Safety of Chains Versus Gates in Fall Protection

Employees in Pennsylvania might wonder whether it is appropriate to use chains as a fall protection method with ladders. Although some facilities do use chains instead of gates, chains are not safe because unlike a self-closing gate, they require a worker to manually close them. Many workers may be unaware of this danger. When using… Read More

I’ve Been Hurt at Work: Am I Eligible for Workers’ Compensation?

One of the most frightening events you can experience is being injured on the job. After all, when your ability to make a living is affected, this can take both an emotional and a financial toll. Fortunately, workers’ compensation is available to provide financial help to Pennsylvania employees who work-related injuries. What is workers’ compensation?… Read More

Preventing Warehouse Injuries

Pennsylvania employees who work in a warehouse may wish to learn more about how the safety of the premises could be improved. Workplace accidents can inflict serious hardship for employer and employee alike, but many such accidents could be avoided with greater care taken ahead of time. One of the most important means of ensuring… Read More

Scissor Lift Safety

The improper use of scissor lifts has the potential to result in workplace accidents that can cause catastrophic injuries or death. Pennsylvania workers who may have to use scissor lifts as part of their job should be aware of the ways to remain safe while operating the equipment. Scissor lifts should be used only by… Read More

The Dangers of Working in a Hospital

Health care workers are some of the most important and undervalued employees in any industry. While doctors, nurses and care providers of all kinds face injuries and risks everyday, those who are employed in a hospital are particularly susceptible to suffering from injuries while at work. In fact, these workers face higher risks than construction… Read More

The Prevalence of Occupational Skin Diseases

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, more than 13 million workers throughout the country may be exposed to chemicals that can be absorbed by the skin. While the agency notes that improvements have been made to combat chemical inhalation exposure, it is difficult to measure skin exposure risks in a Pennsylvania… Read More