OSHA Addresses Policies That Deter Injury Reporting

Employers in Pennsylvania and around the country are required to report workplace accidents and injuries to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in a timely manner, and the safety agency began enforcing a new rule on Dec. 1 that takes aim at company policies and procedures that either discourages workers from reporting injuries or punishes… Read More

Musculoskeletal Injuries Cost Construction Workers Wages

Construction workers in Pennsylvania and across the nation still face a serious risk of suffering an on-the-job injury despite advances in protective equipment and stricter safety regulations and protocols. A report published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine reveals that the nation’s construction workers are particularly likely to suffer musculoskeletal injuries caused by bending, twisting or… Read More

OSHA Lowers Beryllium Exposure Limits in the Workplace

Pennsylvania residents who are employed in shipyards or construction may be interested to learn that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued a final rule that lowered the permissible exposure limit of beryllium in certain workplaces. This lightweight metal, which is often found used in industries that deal with energy or electronics, can be highly… Read More

Defining Suspension Trauma and Preventing it in the Workplace

Many Pennsylvania employees who work at great heights use a fall arrest safety system to keep them safe should they fall. These systems usually comprise full-body harnesses and anchor points to protect workers from hitting the ground. While they absolutely save lives, there are a few risks both employers and employees should be aware of…. Read More

Researchers Propose Computer Vision Solution to Job Injuries

Pennsylvania workers may soon enjoy safer work environments thanks to smartphones. Industrial systems engineering teams at the University of Wisconsin-Madison believe that these devices can be used to improve measurements of job site risk and potentially make it easier to promote safe behaviors. The researchers have created computer vision algorithms that analyze different types of… Read More