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Avoiding Workplace Injuries Caused by Burns and Explosions

Some Pennsylvania residents have jobs that require them to do such things as use power tools that can produce sparks, weld, grind, burn or other work that poses potential risks of burns or explosions. It is important for employers to take steps to protect their employees and for workers to follow safety precautions when performing these types of jobs.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has outlined several precautionary measures that workers and employers should take when workers’ jobs involve hot work. Workers should be provided with well-ventilated rooms or areas in which to perform the work in order to avoid the build-up of flammable vapors. The rooms or areas in which the work is performed should be kept free of fire hazards.

Workers should always use protective eyewear and wear fire-resistant protective clothing when they are performing hot work. Work areas should be monitored for combustible gases, and employers should immediately halt the work if the gas levels reach 10 percent or more. Grinding equipment should be inspected prior to use to help prevent sparks and metal shavings from flying off the equipment and burning workers.

Many workplace injuries are preventable, and it is important for employers to follow the safety regulations that are in place to help protect their workers. When an employee is injured while he or she is working, they may apply for workers’ compensation benefits through their employer’s insurance carrier. If the carrier or the employer disputes the worker’s claim for benefits, a workers’ compensation lawyer may be able to help. An attorney might help the client with proving that the injury happened in relation to their job. He or she may also be able to prove the extent of the injury and whether it is partially or totally disabling.


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