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Technology Can Improve Workplace Safety

Throughout Pennsylvania and the rest of the nation, technology has changed the way workplace safety is approached. This concept of safety has expanded to include a focus on stopping violence in the workplace in addition to traditional concerns about preventing injuries and illnesses on the job.

For example, metal detectors have improved to the point that they can detect tiny pieces of metal. These devices can be combined with bulletproof glass to keep employees such as bank tellers safe. Technology can assist security guards as well. For example, cameras and motion-detector lights can help make an area more secure.

Laser safety curtains can create an additional barrier in case someone gets past the metal detectors or other security measures. Companies can also use 3D visual technology to anticipate situations and plan how they will be handled. In terms of using technology for safety in ways that do not involve workplace violence, product labels and signs may have URLs or QR codes on them that employees can use to look up information on safe use.

Most employees who are seriously injured in the workplace are eligible for workers’ compensation. This eligibility is generally not affected by who was at fault in the accident; although, if an employer or manufacturer of a product was at fault, the employee might want to pursue a claim. An injured worker may want to visit an attorney to discuss their options for compensation to cover expenses from the illness or injury. Many people do not realize they are eligible for compensation or do not want to pursue a claim because they are worried about keeping their jobs. However, this kind of retaliation is illegal.


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