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Steps HR Managers can Take to Build a Safety Culture at Work

Hazards vary among workplaces in Pennsylvania, but all managers and business owners have an interest in fostering a culture of safety among their employees. After all, fewer accidents translate into fewer claims on workers’ compensation insurance. Safety can be increased when everyone on the job takes the issue seriously. In workplaces where people tend to have a casual attitude about workplace hazards and safety training, human resources professionals can take action to improve the situation.

A manager should try to identify the reasons behind the lack of concern about safety. After observing people performing their job duties, the manager could evaluate whether time constraints are causing people to skip safety steps. If time pressure does not appear to be the cause, then the problem could be a lack of mindfulness about the necessity of safe practices.

To develop a workplace culture that values safety, the manager should reach out to employees and discuss the issue. Ideas for improvement could be solicited from workers to help them become more invested in the process. The manager should also work to correct environments where stress levels run high and co-workers might have negative interactions.

Although these proactive steps could reduce on-the-job accidents, workplace safety practices do not entirely eliminate the possibility of worker injuries. A person hurt at work can apply for workers’ compensation benefits after reporting the accident. Some employers, however, do not offer much information about how to make a claim. In this situation, an attorney might act on the employee’s behalf. The attorney could obtain the insurance policy and identify the benefits that the person has a right to claim. Along with submitting the claim paperwork, the attorney could follow up with the insurance company and urge it to pay a settlement. If necessary, the issue could be taken to court.


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