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Bad Back From Computer Work? Don’t Wait

Most of us spend at least some time at a computer every day, whether for school, pleasure or work. For those of us who spend the better part of our work day on a computer, computers can cause neck and back pain, headaches and eye strain. Computers have certainly made our lives easier, but they have come with some drawbacks as well.

Can my computer cause back problems?

If you spend the better part of your day at a computer, it is essential that you have a workspace that is set up ergonomically. That’s a big word–but in essence, it means that you need a good chair with adequate support, a monitor that is level with your eyes, and support for you arms and wrists. Your company should have someone who can come to your desk or cube and help you set up a work station that will give you adequate comfort.

But even for those that do, it does not guarantee a painless work environment. If you have aches and pains–or worse–that are related to sitting at your computer, you should be aware that your injuries may be covered under worker’s compensation insurance.

How can worker’s comp help?

Worker’s comp covers you for medical or wage losses that result from injuries at work. Some work injuries are obvious: You slip on a wet floor and twist your ankle, or someone spills hot coffee on you in the cafeteria. But there are other work injuries that are just as important to have treated: Repetitive-stress wrist injuries, strained neck due to wrong monitor height, disc degeneration from a chair without lumbar support.

If you find that you are starting to have frequent and significant aches and pains, don’t just chalk it up to getting older. Get yourself checked out and get some treatment. Your doctor will be able to tell you if your injury is related to your work. And do it sooner, rather than later. Worker’s comp claims are time-limited. By waiting, you could find yourself without medical treatment and without compensation.


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