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Making Safety a Priority

For some employers in Pennsylvania and around the country, it may take an OSHA violation or a serious injury to start taking safety seriously. This could be because taking the time to train a worker could come at the expense of productivity. For instance, an experienced worker may need to train the new hire, which could take several days. In some cases, then, new employees are merely advised to read an instruction manual and figure it out as they go along.

However, it may be the case that there is no manual to be found. Without proper training or guidance, new workers could potentially injure themselves within minutes or hours of beginning work. Even one injury could have lasting consequences for the company, including higher insurance premiums in the event a workers’ compensation claim is filed. There may also be large fines resulting from an OSHA violation.

The losses incurred after an injury may be more than simply financial. Employers also need to consider that an injury to a worker could hurt morale or lead to the loss of several workers who may feel like their safety isn’t a paramount concern. Fortunately, it may be possible to avoid such a dreadful scenario by making safety a priority from day one.

A person who is injured in a work accident may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits under the employer’s insurance coverage. These benefits can include the furnishing of medical care as well as partial wage replacement. Many workers obtain the assistance of an attorney when preparing and submitting their claims.


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