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Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Traveling Employees

Most Pennsylvania employers are required to carry workers’ compensation coverage in the event their employees are injured in a a workplace accident. In many cases, however, employees may be covered even if they are not directly injured at the workplace. Here are some examples.

While workers’ compensation benefits would not cover employees injured while traveling to and from work, there are exceptions to this rule, which is called the going and coming rule. For instance, they would likely receive the benefits if they were injured while traveling to various work sites during their shift.

Another exception to this rule is if the employee is told to make a purchase for the supervisor during the shift. This is called a special mission, and employees who perform a special mission, even if it is not related to the job, will most likely qualify for workers’ compensation benefits if they are injured.

Workers’ compensation benefits also cover employees who take business-related trips, like attending a conference. Likewise, the benefits extend to people whose main job responsibility is traveling. Employees who travel to work or during work hours in company-supplied vehicles may be covered as well. Some states may vary in this rule, such as requiring the vehicle to carry an advertisement for the business, such as a logo.

In an effort to avoid premium hikes, some employers will attempt to dispute or deny a workers’ compensation claim that has been filed by a worker after an on-the-job injury. People who are in this position may want to have legal representation when appealing the decision.

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