Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Traveling Employees

Most Pennsylvania employers are required to carry workers’ compensation coverage in the event their employees are injured in a a workplace accident. In many cases, however, employees may be covered even if they are not directly injured at the workplace. Here are some examples. While workers’ compensation benefits would not cover employees injured while traveling… Read More

How to Make Construction Worksites Safer

One of the most hazardous occupations is construction work. From dangers associated with electrocution and heavy machinery to chemical spills and repetitive motion injuries, Pennsylvania construction workers are exposed to a range of potential threats. Therefore, construction industry employers are required to abide by inspection procedures, regulations and safety programs to prevent work-related accidents from… Read More

Know Your Legal Options if You Were Exposed to Asbestos at Work

There are many people who dread going to work. Maybe they don’t like their job, their boss, their co-workers or the fact that they have to work when they’d rather be doing something else. But there are also people for whom going to work isn’t just undesirable or inconvenient; it is actually bad for their… Read More

OSHA Tool may Keep Workers Safer in the Heat

Keeping workers safe in the heat is very important so that heat stress and heat stroke don’t occur. There are many ways to keep workers protected, including the use of OSHA’s heat tool. The Heat Safety Tool is part of a campaign by OSHA to prevent heat related illness by giving people the information they… Read More

Advice for Preventing Scaffolding-Related Injuries

A fall from six feet doesn’t sound very far, but did you know that a 200-pound man who falls from a height of just six feet will create a force of 1,200 pounds? This is why people can die when they fall from scaffolding. Most scaffolding accidents involve workers who fall from a height of… Read More