Are Seasonal Workers Covered By Workers' Compensation?

Throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania there are plenty of employment opportunities. This is due to Pennsylvania, and its various cities such as Philadelphia, being corporate headquarters for many giant national and global corporations. There are also many smaller private corporations, non-profit organizations and health care companies one can work for in Southeastern Pennsylvania. In addition, due to Southeastern Pennsylvania being very transient and where it is lies geographically there is also ample opportunity for seasonal as well as part time work throughout the entire Philadelphia area. In the Philadelphia Metropolitan area these jobs exist near the various colleges and universities and during the holiday seasons. Even though you may not be employed full time you are still susceptible to a workplace slip and fall, on the job accident or work related injury in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Get Help With Your Workers' Compensation Claim

If you are a seasonal worker or part time employee in Chester County or Delaware County Pennsylvania and have been hurt or injured at work it is in your best interest to call a Broomall, PA Workers Compensation Benefit Lawyer immediately. Per Pennsylvania law, even as a part time or seasonal worker in the Media, Pennsylvania area you are entitled to Work Injury Benefits and Workers' Compensation Benefits. Contact The Upper Darby, Pennsylvania Workplace Injury Attorneys at The Law Office of Deborah M. Truscello at 610-228-4376. With an office in Media, Pennsylvania she is conveniently located to better serve you. Please call them at 610-228-4376. You can also reach them via email by clicking here.

Common Work Injury Benefits Questions

No matter if you are a part time, seasonal or full time employee if you have been injured at work or on your job site you may have many questions regarding what benefits you are entitled to such as:

1. What is maximum compensation amount or rate I am entitled to?

2. How do I apply for Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Benefits?

3. What benefits am I entitled to for my injuries?

4. Am I able to choose my own doctor or health care provider?

5. What can I do if my work injury claim is denied?

6. Am I entitled to Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Benefits if I am a part time or seasonal worker?

A skilled Delaware County, PA, Workers' Compensation Attorney can assist you in answering these questions as well as any others you may have. They can also make sure you get the maximum amount of compensation and benefits for your injuries. They will determine the true and total value of your claim based on factors such as possible lost wages, current and future medical expenses, prescription costs and therapy bills.

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If you have been injured on the job as a seasonal worker or part time employee in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania please call Philadelphia Workplace Injury Lawyer Deborah M. Truscello at 610-228-4376. Ms. Truscello has many years experience in handling all types of workmans' compensation claims in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Feel free to call her at 610-228-4376. You can also email them by clicking here.

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