Joint And Ligament Injuries Caused By Accident Or Repetitive Stress

Injuries involving the ankles, knees, elbows, shoulders are known as joint injuries. A joint is defined as the point of connection between two bones or elements of a skeleton, typically allowing motion. These types of injuries can often times have long lasting, permanent damage and debilitating effects on the injured person. Injuries to joints may become worse over time if untreated, or treated incorrectly. Possible complications of untreated joint injuries include: arthritis, possible deformity & 'trick joints'.

Ligament Injuries

In addition to joint injuries, ligaments are often damaged as a result of a joint injury. Ligaments are sheets or bands of fibrous tissue that connect bones or cartilage to a joint or supporting organ. Ligaments can also be damaged or torn without joint damage or injury. A torn ligament can produce bruising, discoloration, contusions & a painful joint with a noted loss of strength and a diminished ability to bear a person's weight. Injuries to ligaments, as well as joint injuries, can ultimately result in astronomical medical bills, lost wages at work, physical, emotional & psychological trauma.

Accidents Causing Joint And Ligament Pain Include:

- Auto Accidents
- Trucking Accidents
- Workplace injuries
- Construction Accidents
-Premises Liability (Slip & Fall)

Common Joint And Ligament Injuries Include:

-Torn Meniscus
-Dislocated Kneecaps
-Broken/Dislocated Elbows
-Wrist Injuries

Understanding The Legal, Physical, Emotional And Financial Issues Related To An Injury

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