If You Were Injured At A Casino, You May Have A Claim For Compensation

Being injured in a Pennsylvania casino, such as Philadelphia Park, can change your life in the immediate future as well as for years to come. If your injuries are severe enough you may be entitled to benefits and compensation. Working with an experienced Philadelphia Lawyer will ensure you get the benefits and compensation you deserve.

Casino And Racetrack Injuries

You can be involved in a number of accidents while enjoying yourself in a Pennsylvania casino. Examples are slip and fall accidents, staircase accidents and escalator accidents. Some types of injuries that can result are:

Tenacious Legal Representation In Accident Cases

Our attorneys have many years experience handling all types of premises liability and accident cases in Pennsylvania. They will protect your rights and negotiate on your behalf with the liable parties insurance company. If a suitable and fair settlement cannot be agreed upon we are well equipped to take your case to court. Our firm has a long standing track record of getting his client the maximum amount of compensation for their injuries, pain, suffering, lost wages and medical expenses.

Contact Our Premises Liability Lawyer

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