Dog Attacks

Dog attacks are often physically and emotionally traumatizing. If you have been bit by a dog in Pennsylvania, it is important to understand your legal rights and the responsibilities of the dog owner.

With the increased popularity of owning aggressive dogs, such as pit bulls, dog attack claims have increased in frequency and severity. In general, Pennsylvania law requires any dog owner to keep their pet under reasonable control at ALL times. Various municipalities have enacted "leash laws" requiring the animal to be leashed whenever off of its premises.

Children And Dog Bites

Children may be the most vulnerable of dog bite victims. Because of their small size and often unpredictable body movements, dogs may respond aggressively. If your child has been bit by a dog, contact law enforcement and seek medical care immediately. Then, contact our law firm to learn about your legal options and the dog owner's responsibility.

'One-Bite' Rule Abolished

For decades, Pennsylvania adopted the "one-bite" rule. If a dog attacked a visitor at the home for the first time, the dog owner would not be liable since the dog was allowed (as strange as this sounds) to have "one free bite."

Only after the dog had bitten someone would the owner then be civilly liable for damages to any subsequent victim of the same animal. In 1996, the Pennsylvania legislature abolished the "one-bite" rule that has substantially changed the liability for dog bite injuries.

Currently, the law holds any pet owner responsible for any attack on a visitor if the dog has at any time exhibited any vicious propensities that the owner knew or should have known about. Thus, if the animal is known to be used primarily for security or protection, it is more likely the owner would be held civilly liable for the first attack on any innocent outsider.

Claims For Dog Attacks

The first step in establishing a dog bite claim is to prove the negligence of the dog owner. Then, we determine the source of compensation for your injuries, which is usually the negligent party's homeowner's insurance.

Your Legal Options

Pennsylvania dog bite laws favor the victim. If you have suffered serious injuries due to a dog attack, you can seek compensation for damages related to your accident: medical care, disfigurement, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more.

Our firm can help determine if Pennsylvania dog bite laws were violated. If so, you can seek compensation for a dog bite wound. This is also possible if the dog has previously bitten another person.

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