Chemical Burns Can Be Extremely Damaging

Burns caused by chemical spills, like other types of burns are very serious and extremely damaging burns. Chemical burns are also classified as first, second & third degree burns depending on depth of the burn. A chemical burn is usually severe and consequently results in damaged skin tissue. Recovery and recuperation time may take years to achieve after a chemical burn injury.

If you have been the victim of a chemical burn in the workplace, or on someone's property you may be entitled to compensation under Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Law. Our Delaware County Chemical Burn Injury Lawyers have many years handling workers compensation claims in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

Types Of Chemical Burns

Chemical burns occur most frequently in the workplace. However they are also sometimes seen in home accidents. A chemical burn is typically the result of coming into contact with that chemical or product. Any household, gardening or industrial product containing acids, strong alkali, silver nitrate, lye & lime can result in a chemical burn. Most household cleaning products, drain unclogging products and fertilizers can cause a chemical burn. In an industrial or workplace setting they may also occur during manufacturing of products, medications, during equipment repairs and from a spill or other accident.

Treating Your Chemical Burn

Treating a chemical burn depends on the depth, degree & severity of the burn. A minor chemical burn is typically treated by washing the burned area. Often times, for more severe and damaging burns immediate medical care is necessary. If a burn is severe enough surgery can be necessary to repair the damaged tissue.

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