Knee Injuries Can Require Surgery And Physical Therapy

The patella, also known as the kneecap, is 1 of 3 bones that make up the knee joint. the patella is a relatively thick and strong bone that lends strength, stability and protection to the knee joint and its surrounding structures. If the patella is stressed enough due to an accident, injury or blunt force trauma it can be fractured just like any other bone. If you have sustained a patella fracture in a Pennsylvania accident do not hesitate to call an experienced Delaware County Pennsylvania Trial Lawyer who has experience handling kneecap fracture injury cases.

Accidents Resulting In Patella Fractures

Despite the patella being structurally sound it is still prone to severe injury in many types of accidents. These accidents can be:

Car accidents

Trucking accidents

Motorcycle accidents

Falls, especially from high places

Biking accidents

Sporting accidents

Pedestrian accidents

Treatment Of A Patella Injury

X-rays must be done in order to accurately determine the extent of your knee injury. The severity of the injury will dictate the course of treatment. Sometimes surgery is necessary to repair the broken patella. Other times, such as in a hairline fracture, immobilization may be enough to repair the fracture. Immobilization is done with a brace or cast and will also help to keep physical discomfort to a minimum.

If surgery is required it s a major surgery and will require the use of screws, pins and wires to keep the patella in place during recuperation.

Following a catastrophic knee injury you may have to endure lifelong complications as a result such as arthritis, stiffness and pain.

These injuries, issues and complications may entitle you to medical benefits and financial compensation for your injuries. Working with an experience Chester Pennsylvania injury lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected and you get any and all benefits and sources of compensation you are entitled to.

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