Do Grandparents Have Custody Rights In Pennsylvania?

It is not uncommon for grandparents to seek custody rights of their grandchildren who are under the age of 18. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania acknowledges that grandparents have rights when it comes to their grandchildren, their relationships with their grandchildren and what is best for the children. If you have underage grandchildren and have concerns regarding your rights to see them and be involved in their lives it makes sense to consult with a Delaware County Pennsylvania Grandparents Rights Law Office.

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Rights Regarding Visitation Or Custody

Having a grandmother and or grandfather in a child's life can do wonders for the emotional and mental well being of the grandchild or grandchildren. The life of the grandparent is also enriched. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania realizes this and will typically allow a grandparent to petition for custody and or visitation rights in several circumstances:

1. One or both parents are deceased

2. If the parents were never married, are married but separated for more than 6 months or are divorced

3. The grandchild or grandchildren lived with the grandparents for more than 12 months and were then removed from the home

If the parents are married and the marriage is stable and intact it may be difficult for a grandparent to sue for primary custody. If the child is at risk due to parental drug use, alcohol abuse, physical or emotional abuse or neglect a grandparent can sue for primary custody under Pennsylvania law.

Lean More About Grandparents' Rights

If you feel that you are being denied your rights as a grandparent it may make sense for you to speak with a Media Pennsylvania Family Law Attorney who is experienced handling grandparents rights cases. Call The Law Office of Deborah M. Truscello at 610-228-4376 to discuss your case. You can also email a Media Pennsylvania Grandparents Rights Law Office here. Ms. Truscello has an office in Media, Pennsylvania to better serve you.