Dividing Retirement Accounts In A Divorce

During a divorce several issues come up regarding the equitable division of assets and property. One commonly divided asset is the parties' marital retirement accounts. Retirement accounts vary widely from employer to employer and are, at times, the most valuable asset of the marriage. If you are contemplating a divorce, or have been served divorce papers in Pennsylvania you should speak to a Lawyer who has experience with the division of retirement accounts.

Valuing Retirement Accounts

Retirement accounts first need to be valued before dividing them in a divorce. This can become very complicated due to factors such as having paid into your retirement account prior to being married and future payments on pensions. A skilled and experienced Media PA Divorce Attorney will be able to accurately value any and all retirement accounts during a divorce. This will protect you, your rights and your interests.

Commonly Divided Retirement Accounts


Life insurance annuities

401k accounts

Military retirement benefits

Roth IRA's and IRA's

Speak With An Attorney To Ensure That Your Financial Health Is Protected

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